Let's stop talking about money
and talk about the endless challenges of art.
Let's stop saying yes to decadent crooners
and embrace the uncertainty of the new projects with friends.
Let's stop reading last minute news
to read about the unseen dimensions of matter.
Let's stop.
Let's start from scratch.
Let's start again.
Let's create art.
Let's show what others cannot see.
Let's unify all forces.
Let's believe in proton decay,
Even if it cannot be showed
Even if it turns out to be fake.


This session is about sad stories.
Sad stories of physics and wrong theories.

First warning, don't confuse sad stories and sad songs

This session is about the super sad story of monojets.
The sad story of a bunch of Standard Model physicists about to win the Nobel Prize.

Second warning, nobody wins Nobel Prize in sad stories

This session is about the sad stories of massive labs inside mountains.
The immense solitude of a lab in the womb of a mountain founded on a wrong theory.

Third warning, nothing is such a great time capsule as a massive lab inside a mountain

This session is about a terribly sad story because it will never happen.
The impossibility of proton decay or the immense fault of the Standard Model.

Fourth warning, Standard Model is about to collapse on best theoretical physics heads

This session is about every sad story inside a wrong theory.
The imperfections of language and the impossibility to refute all the wrong statements.

Fifth warning, Super Kamiokande is just the end of the Standard Model

This session is about sad stories of things built to destroy their own foundations.
The first standard model physicist inspired by reading Lenin ́s The State and Revolution.

Sixth warning, all possible ends are always inside since the very beginning


This session is about underground connections.

About crossing through mountains as compass-less neutrinos.

About massive labs inside empty mountains:
Super Kamiokande in city of Hida, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso in the province of L'Aquila, Italy. Icecube in the Amundsen–Scott South Pole Station.

This session is about crazy plans decided on synthetic drugs.
About endless pool parties surrounded by random people.
About crossing the world through underground temples in emptied mountains:
The rock-hewn church of Saint George in Lalibella, Ethiopia. The underground church of Bochnia Salt Mine in Małopolska, Poland The Seokguram Grotto in Gyeongju, South Korea.

This session is about waiting too long for things that will never happen.
About crossing the entire universe without finding anyone.
About the perpetual sound of the Big Bang.


This session is about matter dimensions we don't know

To be honest, about dimensions YOU don't know.

About the Spin, Truth, Beauty, Strangeness and Charm.

About the different flavors you never tested from the Standard Model.

About the absolute beauty and precision of Emmy Noether's theorem.

This session is about the forces behind everything.
To be honest, about the unachievable theory of everything.
About gravity, electricity and magnetism, weakness and strength.
About unions, symmetries and invariants which can explain matter decay.
About bottomness and topness which are essentially forms of the beauty and the truth.

This session is about the entanglement of unknown dimensions.
To be honest, about all the entanglement and teleportation YOU completely ignore.
About the principles of quantum computing and their immense supremacy.
About spinning around yourself to get high as strange children.
About the charm which holds up the universe and every single piece of good art.


This session is about basic research.
About going down to the darkness of the abyss with eyes wide open.
About finding monsters in their secret places and taming them.
About asking the mic in a crowded room and start singing.
About facing problems nobody faced ever and solving them piece by piece.
About quantum field theory, numbers theory, decoding genoma, untangling DNA.

About composing unforgettable pop anthems for drunk happy singers.
About creating music through the endless chain of ones and zeros of a computer.
About writing perfect simple books to move beduins and inuits.
About searching, testing and distributing new molecules to cure lung cancer.
About speaking up open-heartedly around our deepest fears and biggest failures.
About not knowing, but starting to understand.
Now, 20th century has completely died.
Now, everything happened one century ago.
Now, History is starting again and History is better behind.
Now, things are much better than they used to be.
Now, dystopias are things we should afraid of.
Now is where we need more basic research, perfect simple books, singers in crowded rooms, speaking our fears up and setting sessions like that.

Texts by Jorge Martín

© 2023 by Proton Decay Collective